Activist, author, coffee fan

DP denman

Award-winning author DP Denman is a native of the Pacific Northwest and lives in the soggy emerald splendor of slugs and moss. A magical place where, with no effort at all, anyone can grow a spectacular collection of wild mushrooms, algae, and mold.

Western Washington is the land of freethinkers, Navy pilots, and retired flower children. It boasts the highest number of atheists per capita of any metropolis in the U.S., is home to thriving Wiccan and Pagan communities, and has more than a few Pastafarians from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster thrown in for fun. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) It's a wild community of coffee addicts with a passion for tofu, cosplay, and an evolving variety of interests.

People who prefer the comfort of a community where everyone conforms to a single ideology might find the radically progressive climate intimidating. For those who don’t mind eclectic chaos, the Pacific Northwest provides ample inspiration and a variety of mentors for every artistic vein. There are profuse gatherings of artists, musicians, dancers, actors, authors, and photographers. 

It’s a luxury and a privilege to live among such creative, passionate people, where restoring your muse is as easy as a trip to the local coffee shop. As a dedicated workaholic, DP derives inspiration from that community for both her writing and activism. 

Western Washington is not only home to those hounded by an addiction to artistic self-expression. It's saturated with the flower child legacy of activism, which inspires DP's fight for LGBTQIA+ equality in places less accepting than the coast she calls home. 

The Land of the Free should be so for everyone. For too many, it isn't. That's why DP is dedicated to helping change the lives of those trapped in the States' vast swathes of ignorance and irrational hatred. Her books support charities working to bring equality to the States. 25% of royalties from every title are donated to support that fight. Every book. Every day until there is no longer a need.